Legal Aid

Legal Aid

We are registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) as a law firm eligible to provide Legal Aid for criminal and civil matters. Legal Aid ensures people who may not be able to afford legal representation privately have access to legal representation. Our solicitors can advise you whether you are entitled to Legal Aid and are happy to offer a free consultation no matter what your circumstances might be.

People often assume they will not be entitled to Legal Aid if they are in employment, however even if you are employed you may still be eligible for funding. The Scottish Legal Aid Board have their own website where you will find more information including eligibility calculators to assess whether you may qualify for legal aid.

Types of Legal Aid available:

    • Advice and Assistance
    • Criminal Legal Aid
    • Solemn Legal Aid
    • Criminal Appeal Legal Aid
    • Civil Legal Aid
    • Children’s Legal Aid

If you have any questions about whether you might get Legal Aid, you should contact our office to discuss matters.

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