kris Gilmartin

Kris Gilmartin is a Solicitor Advocate. He is one of only three solicitors in Dundee with extended rights of audience allowing him to appear in the High Court of Justiciary.

He graduated from the University of Dundee in 2003.  Kris started University at 16 and began his career in law at the age of 21.
Completing his traineeship at another Dundee firm, Kris worked there until 2009.  Thereafter he founded his own firm in October 2009, merging with Finlay MacRae Solicitors in 2016.

Kris has firmly established himself as one of the leading criminal defence solicitors in Dundee.  He has a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of criminal matters, appearing in court on a daily basis and has conducted Summary and Sheriff and Jury trials all over the country.  Kris acts as instructing solicitor in most of our High Court cases, and has been involved in the most significant cases our firm has dealt with including murder cases and firearms offences.

Keen to keep up with current developments in criminal law, Kris devotes a significant amount of time to personal study. He assists teaching at Dundee University when possible. He also completed the NITA Advanced Advocacy Training Course.